TEP rolling out new rebates for energy-saving steps
Tucson Electric Power Co. is amping up its energy-efficiency programs for 2016, including a new pilot program to pay for energy-saving measures at local schools.
TEP’s 2016 energy-efficiency plan was approved last week by the Arizona Corporation Commission, to help the company meet a state energy-savings mandate.
Source: Tucson Website

Creating a culture of energy savings
The money we pay for the use of electricity can go either way — toward building more fossil fuel infrastructure, or in the form of clean energy investment, which includes saving energy, cutting demand and saving money.
Personally, I want to see my ratepayer dollars invested in efficiency programs and have it circle back in the form of rebates, incentives, jobs and energy-saving products. My energy provider agrees ... I think.
Source: Blueridgenow Website

Mugerwa earns a living from energy-saving charcoal stoves
Since child hood, he has always admired people who earned from hands on work than those who did professional jobs.
AbudulMugerwa’s love for his work is one factor that drives him into becoming more innovative every day.
In the beginning when he told his friends that he was going to start making charcoal stoves for sale, many wondered where he would get capital.
Source: Newvision Website

Proposed Light Bulb Energy Efficiency Standards to Lead to $12.5 Billion in Annual Consumer Savings
New light bulb energy efficiency standards proposed by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) today will complete the gradual phase-out of inefficient everyday incandescent bulbs required under a 2007 law passed by a bipartisan Congress with industry support. And once all of America's approximately 4 billion lighting sockets contain energy-saving bulbs that meet the standards, U.S. consumers and businesses will save about $12.5 billion every year--and gain cleaner air and a healthier environment.
Source: Switchboard.nrdc Website

Japan’s Kawasaki, Sojitz to construct energy-saving power plant in Russia’s Yakutia
Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co. Ltd and Sojitz Corporation have proposed construction of an energy-efficient power plant in Yakutsk in Russia’s Sakha Republic (Yakutia), a representative of the city administration reported on Friday.
"Japanese companies have chosen the Saysara region in Yakutsk as one of promising options. The participants of the meeting offered to the city’s authorities following the example of one of Japan’s biggest cities Osaka to construct an energy-efficient power plant," the source said.

Source: Tass Website